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Spinnerbait Fishing For Perch

Big Perch like this will hardly pass on spinnerbaits fished around cover in windy conditions.
The windier it gets, the bigger they get! Spinnerbaits catch big Perch under the right conditions.


The European Perch Perca fluviatilis is found in UK, Europe and Central Asia. Depending on water conditions, Perch is typically greenish bronze in colour with dark vertical bars on its sides, and orange red colouring in the fins and tail. Perch has been successfully introduced outside its native region in countries as far as New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Perch are hardy carnivorous fish commonly found in small ponds, lakes, streams, canals and rivers. They feed on baitfish, shellfish, insects and crustaceans, and can be caught on nearly every natural bait. Perch typically spawn during spring when the females lay strings of eggs in covered underwater vegetation. Unlike Bass, Perch do not build spawning beds!

Perch are a popular sport fish whereby they fill the market gap in countries that do not produce Bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth). Pound for pound, Perch are strong fighters. They can be caught on a variety of methods, from float fishing, fly fishing to artificial lures.

The record weight for Perch in UK currently stands at 6lbs 3oz (2.81kg), and the Netherlands 6lbs 11oz (3.05kg). The average size Perch in the UK is around 1lb. Perch weighting 2lbs (1kg) or more, or around 40cm in length are considered trophy size Perch in UK!

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